The wanderer returns. New thriller completed.

After months of radio silence, missing author Simon Lawder has been spotted peeking out of his bunker, conveniently located under the Waitrose car park in England’s smallest city – Velo-city, headquarters of the Banned Cyclists Federation.
When our reporter attempted to get an interview , he first had to endure Lawder’s famous torrent of abuse directed at knicker-free 4×4 drivers with dyed blonde hair, accusations of having slept with a Russian doll during the last election, and a kind offer to our chap to “relieve you of your tackle and save humanity from any more tossers like you”.
Clearly Lawder had lost none of his way with words since he published “UnderCurrent”, the widely exclaimed spy thriller, in 2016.
Later, after using our man’s hanky to wipe the foam from his mouth, the balding hermit scribe confided that he had just completed the prequel to “UnderCurrent”. He then went on to explain, “for the benefit of retarded bleeding scuba-divers”, the meaning of the word ‘prequel’. Our reporter can’t remember quite recall what he said next but fortune favours the brave.
After a successful application to the US Attorney-General, your editor has succeeded in obtaining an apparently authentic synopsis of the new work, which he has read. Once his wife feels that he’s calmed down sufficiently, he expects to reveal what got him so excited. Suffice it to say that it addresses the terrifying prospect of business moguls – no names, no pack drill – taking control.
Watch this space.

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