The final part of the Patrick Cameron trilogy is on its way. Hold your breath

After several re-edits – that’s what novelists always do – the final text of thriller 3 is, I’m delighted to announce, ready to meet its readers.  Well, almost: all I need is the small matter of a title.

This time, we’re in the field of religious extremism.  I find it extraordinarily arrogant that we in the West always associate violent extremism with those professing the Islamic faith.  So, I decided to explore the how’s and the why’s of aggressive fundamentalism in the name of faith elsewhere, including our own doorstep.  It’s there, believe me.

This is a story, of course.  But, as with my first two books, Under Current and Blue Sand, I’ve tried to get under the skin of a topical issue – in this case, the potential within us all to rise up in anger, en masse, when we are persuaded that our way of life is under threat.

As you’d expect from me, it’s a thriller with twists.  Patrick Cameron, undercover agent turned research scientist, is reluctantly back in action but, this time his wife, a practising Christian, is there too, torn between her faith and the need to put a stop to those who seek war in the name of Christ.

All I need is a title … Hmmm.

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