“The Messiah Complex” – my third and final conspiracy thriller for our times. Free pdf to reviewers pre-publication

At last! Three weeks later, in the middle of the night, it came to me. Like most authors, I guess, choosing the book’s title caused me more angst than any other part of its creation.

Two central thoughts form the core of this conspiracy yarn:
1. Religious extremism is not a one-way Islamist street. Some Christian sects are just as militant, just as dangerous, just as convinced that theirs is the one true god.
2. In the West today, the likelihood of civil unrest is growing. People will take to the streets, en masse, when they fear their way of life, their security, is under threat.

So, what if …?

The Messiah Complex is a full-length novel. Yet again, Dr Patrick Cameron is called back to go undercover, this time accompanied by his wife Angela, a committed Christian herself.

I wanted to explore conflicts between and within faiths, the political dilemmas our leaders face, and the frightening power of misguided public protest.

I’m making the book available, pre-publication, as a pdf free of charge in return for a commitment to write a full review.

If you’re interested, do contact me at simon.lawder@gmail.com

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