And so, at last, The Messiah Complex bursts into the public domain.  In truth, this story’s been nearly five years in the making – one of my very first attempts to create a ‘thoughtful thriller’.  Why so long?  Something to do with learning to master my craft, knowing that, while the story felt so important that it had to be written, I wasn’t yet ready.  So I placed it to one side while I attacked other highly topical issues, espionage with Under Current and the power of the business world over government with Blue Sand.

Now it’s done.  If it causes controversy, so be it.  I have great respect for the views of all those who challenge me but that firmly excludes single-minded zealots – those increasingly vocal minorities who refuse to entertain the idea that others may just have a point and we may not, and I quote, be scum, heretics, stupid, arrogant, corrupt …


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