About me

My career in ad agencies and my subsequent work lecturing and coaching ethical leadership have brought me upfront and personal with a great many leaders. That’s given me plenty of opportunity to observe the great, the good, and the bad at close quarters. I won’t allow my self to start a new story until I’ve identified what I call one of the Big Questions. Like so many people, I look at our world, our society and ask myself, ‘Why is that happening? Is that the whole story? What if?’ Once I start looking, it’s amazing what I dig up. And that’s when I shut the door and type.


Are they thrillers? Exposés? Investigative fiction? All three?

And …

Under another name, I write anarchic comedy for a range of media.

When I can find the time, I also specialise in mentoring today’s and tomorrow’s business leaders, as their ‘Critical Friend’.

With my long-term partner Catriona, I now live and write in rural Somerset. A rugby fanatic, I speak fluent French, I cook other people’s recipes, I’m passionate about local communities running their own affairs, and I really should lose some weight.

My own values

Whatever I’m doing, I always try to remember the three factors that seem to have been ever-present when things have gone well:

Trust, Passion and Fun

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