Blue Sand



The prequel to the successful spy thriller Under Current, this story brings to life one of today’s vital moral and social issues –
Can democracy withstand the threat from powerful vested interests, or has it already died?

A package containing a highly classified chemical substance – ‘blue sand’ – goes missing. Dr Patrick Cameron, a research scientist and former undercover agent, in hiding to avoid being assassinated, is reluctantly persuaded by the Security Service to track it down.

When rumours emerge of business tycoons meeting in secret with leading international political figures in a West Country manor house, under suspiciously tight security, a team of retired investigative journalists decides to find out more. Cameron’s boss is also curious and directs him, accompanied by Julian, a multi-talented young recruit, to take a look.

Led by Jean-Marie Hutz, a wealthy psychopathic financier, the purpose of the meeting is, on the face of it, to conclude a behind-the-scenes deal that will give big business direct influence over governments’ policies, in return for cash and votes.

When Cameron infiltrates the house, he discovers traces of “blue sand”.

Who has the “blue sand” and why?

What is the true purpose of the meeting?

Is Hutz his own man or are darker forces controlling him?

If Cameron’s presence is discovered, they will surely have to kill him. How can the journalists help?

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