Under Current’s big question goes like this:
Can we seriously believe that no more spy rings have been discovered inside the British Government since Philby, Burgess, Maclean, and Blunt in the 1950’s?

While the book is a work of fiction, the political crisis and the use of technology described here are both founded on extensive research.


The year is “a few years from now”

When an old friend, a top anti-corruption blogger, is arrested, accused of soliciting young boys, former undercover agent Patrick Cameron smells a rat. His ex-boss at the Security Service, who is looking into the disappearance of two more corruption activists, persuades Cameron and his brilliant young colleague Julian to investigate. One step at a time, they unearth a conspiracy by China to rescue its economy from disaster by taking control of large parts of Africa. But they can only achieve that by destroying Britain’s Commonwealth – and the British Establishment for good measure – using a network of traitors they embedded in key positions in the UK Government years earlier.

After gunmen try to kill Cameron, Julian comes face to face with Jenna, a Russian professional killer with exotic tastes in after-hours fun, who has been hired by the plotters to carry out an assassination that will shake the world.

With background support from the Last Resort Squad, a group of eminent elderly gents charged with protecting the country in times of extreme danger, Patrick and Julian have only a few days to infiltrate the conspirators, unmask the spy ring, two of whom they are convinced hold very senior positions in the Government, and prevent the assassination.

As the spies become increasingly nervous, they take desperate measures to conceal their plans. The plot’s climax, at a royal reception for foreign leaders, is fast-paced, action filled, as the identity of the most senior spy is revealed and the assassin goes for the kill.








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